Welcome to Tiny Town Nuneaton!


We are a family run business with four little monkeys who love to role play, so we thought we would create a world for them and your children to enjoy.


Our centre is set over 3 floor with many rooms to explore be it getting pampered in our salon, taking a stroll down our shopping aisle, fixing the car in our garage or even learning in our school. We have many more rooms waiting for your littlest ones to play in.


Based in middle of Nuneaton town hides “TINY TOWN” role play centre. You and your child/children will enter a whole new world the moment you open our door.


Walk up the road pass the bus and VW camper van and over our bridge to enter our very own "TINY TOWN"


With market stalls and a full size phone box to give the real effect of being in a town. Our first street has a chic salon for all the budding hair dressers out there, a police station equipped with its very own police cell.


Next door to the salon is the “TINY TOWN” supermarket with its shelves stocked and trolleys ready to shop. Along with a doctors and fire station with a fire engine.


Up the stairs into the next street is our school and garage with a Ferrari and variety of tools and there hiding round the corner is grandmas house.


Up the stairs on to our final street is our huge theatre with stage, microphone, lights and costumes ready for you to perform, and finally next door is our maternity ward with 5 sleeping babies who need looking after.


Once you’ve had a good play pop into our cafe serving a variety of food and drink!

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